Daily Horoscope (November 21, 2018)

Kelli Fox

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Be a cautious warrior instead of an all-out berserker. Make a plan. Don’t forget the help your friends and allies can give you.
Hardworking people like you can afford to be generous so don’t hesitate to give someone a leg up. Anything you do today will stick.
Today and tomorrow will be a quiet time. Let others get on with their initiatives and capers. Wish them well now, and maybe join them later.
Learn to be comfortable with change even if your current specialty is living in the past. Tasteful choices will always make you popular.
It’s too late to fight the current so don’t bother. Instead of struggling, take a deep breath, submerge for a day and take care of business.
It’ll be easy to deliver a faultless performance today. Your firm grip on resources should help you keep it going as long as you can.
Money, values and relationship issues loom large in your consciousness. Try not to make too much of things. Keep molehills small.
Whatever you do, don’t take unfair advantage of anyone. If someone comes to you for assistance, it’s because they really need it.
Waiting can feel like forever but really, it’s only going to be one day before things start to push through again. There’s no need to sulk.
You’d enjoy a little recognition for your hard work and today is your chance to serve as an example for everyone around you.
You’re shaking things up because you got tired of the old arrangement. This means you should be ready to take your lumps. Be brave!
You’re doing OK with your lofty ideals and your valiant actions, or at least you probably won’t encounter any major problems today.
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