Daily Horoscope (August 5, 2018)

Kelli Fox

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Don’t let today’s mellow vibe frustrate you! Just go with it. Kick back with friends and enjoy their company. Be a little bit lazy.
Today you’re steady from the inside out. People are sure to respond to the reliability you project. They can tell you’re sensible.
Food and generosity satisfy you down to your toes today. This is about simple pleasures and sharing life’s bounty with other people.
You’re so steady and grounded today. Isn’t this nice? Come what may, you trust yourself to handle it gracefully. Focused effort? No problem.
Your generosity expands today. You want everyone to enjoy life. Have fun, but make sure you can afford any lavish gestures you make.
Your endurance is incredibly high today. You can focus on your duties and complete them one by one, with no time or energy wasted.
Enjoy yourself today. You’re very creative. Why not take in artwork or music, or make your own? Spending time with friends is good too.
Stay mellow today. In fact, make that your mantra! This shouldn’t be too hard, since there’s a grounded energy at work. Avoid stubbornness.
Life slows down today, and good humor sets in. Take this day for what it is: a brief, enjoyable respite after a burst of high energy.
Today you’re firmly rooted, no matter what. And life shouldn’t present too many challenges. You’re in your element. Enjoy yourself!
Revel in your senses today. Embrace life on the physical plane. Laughter, good food, hugs — these are the experiences that ground you.
You have staying power today. Your energy comes in steadily. Even complex issues are simple to manage because now you’re a realist.
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