Virgo: Pink

Kelli Fox

Pink who was born Alecia Beth Moore is a Virgo but amplified with not just the Sun in Virgo but Venus, Saturn and Mercury as well as the North Node in this analytical sign. Anyone with this much Virgo influence is someone who is down to earth and a quick learner. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn bunched together in this sign she has the focus and dedication for what it takes to be a successful singer songwriter. Nothing will distract her once she sets her mind to it. It could be this stellium alone which can take a lot of credit for propelling her to the top.

Creative planet Neptune, on the positive side, is the ruler of music and divine inspiration but on the negative, drugs, alcohol and deception. It is her curse as well as her blessing. This planet aspects her Virgo stellium in a challenging way. It seems her focus and dedication does not always come easily to her with many distractions that get in the way.

Part of this challenge is having Venus square Neptune which indicates someone who wears rose colored when it comes to love. Relationships may not be all they seem. This aspect can also be a negative influence when it comes to finances – some people with this influence have a hard time managing their money or worst case scenario can be deceived by others when it comes to the bottom line.

Pink is one tough chick who operates under a Mars/Pluto square. She won’t bend or break if she knows she’s right and may seem to thrive on obstacles knowing she will crush whatever barrier gets in her way - she’s one tough minded person all right!

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