Virgo: Nicole Richie

Kelli Fox

Nicole Richie is a Virgo but with four planets in Libra which makes for someone with refined manners and good taste. She has all of her planets on one side of the chart which means she can be one sided when it comes to her views on life. She knows what she knows with not much room to grow.

Along with former best friend, Paris Hilton, Ms Richie was once known as a party girl. Mars in Leo supports this, as anyone with this placement likes to have a good time and be the center of attention. Only the best will do and their Reality Show ‘The Simple Life’ was an indicator that this was the case.

Nicole Richie has many business endeavors from writing a book to fashion design to being in a band to web publishing and with Mercury, planet of the mind conjunct or next to Pluto, planet of power she has the potential to be successful with just about anything she sets her mind to. Now she’s a mother we have found she has established a children’s foundation and has done charity work around children’s issues.

To further support her business successes we find Jupiter and Saturn, planets of business when they come together right next to Mercury and Pluto. This is a very potent combination of planets and one which gives a midas touch for anyone who has it. The best is yet to come from Ms Nicole Richie.

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