Virgo: Charlie Sheen

Kelli Fox

Bad boy Charlie Sheen, born under the sign of the Virgin but as a former client of Hollywood madam – Heidi Fleiss that theory goes out the window – or does it? Not many people know that Virgo, sign of the Virgin can be one extreme or the other. Neat freak or slob, practical or no common sense, studious or slacker and of course Virgin or …you get the drift.

With the Sun and Uranus in opposition to Saturn this is someone who has a life-long mission to buck the system. Anyone with this aspect will feel restrained with too much responsibility. They will have trouble with authority and feel confined by too many rules and regulations. Issues with the father usually fall under this aspect. Mr Sheen also has Sun conjunct Pluto which is another indicator that his father has played a key role in his life. Of course, his father is the famous Martin Sheen better known for the movie ‘Apocalypse Now’, along with dozens of other well-known movies and TV shows.

Mars in Scorpio is a placement which indicates a strong libido. It also indicates a determined individual who can push through the tough situations life can throw at us. With three failed marriages behind him, not to mention a couple of failed relationships with some adult film stars, having Mars in Scorpio is both his blessing and his curse. It also hooks up with power planet Pluto which gives an extra oomph to this placement.

In 1999, Charlie Sheen accidently shot his then fiancee Kelly Preston and suffered no consequences, which just goes to show he’ll always make it through the tough stuff and that includes his domestic legal battles which has been an ongoing source of tabloid fodder.

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