Virgo: Beyonce

Kelli Fox

The ever glamorous Beyonce may be born under the sign of Virgo but with five planets in Libra she exhibits the traits of a Libran. These include refinement, graciousness, good manners, good taste, a sense of style, trend-setting, cooperative and diplomatic. She also has all of her planets on one side of the chart which is known as a bundle chart. This indicates someone who is focused and can be narrow in their views or experience but the experience they do have is commanding and all encompassing.

Beyonce has Mars in Leo which is someone who loves attention and showy displays. Mars in Leo people have a drive for power and a strong will who like things to go their way and when they don’t…look out! Mars gets a boost from the planet Uranus and when these two planets hook up there’s a lot of innovation, enterprise and energy.

Venus conjunct Pluto is an aspect that oozes sex appeal and generates huge amounts of sexual magnetism. Beyonce has this aspect as part of her Libra stellium. Others find anyone with this placement incredibly desirable and lust worthy! It seems her steamy videos may not just be for show after all. That makes her Sagittarian husband, Jay-Z, one lucky guy!

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