Taurus: Bono

Kelli Fox

Taurean Bono is best known as the lead singer in the Irish band U2. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize through his activism throughout the African nations and has also been knighted by England’s Queen Elizabeth. Taurus is a sign known for its long term commitments, once they get comfortable they find it hard to make a change. It goes to show as Bono has been with his wife, Ali since 1975!

Bono has become one of the world's best known philanthropic performers. With his Sun forming a wide conjunction to Mercury and Venus he speaks his mind with persuasion and conviction. People will listen to what he has to say. He has used more than his celebrity to support his causes. He has used his charisma and charm to win over politicians and people in power. Many individuals with a Sun, Mercury and Venus stellium may find they have not just eloquence and articulation but great singing voices. These planets are in Taurus which is the ruler of the throat and voice.

The Taurus stellium forms a square to Uranus, planet of rebellion. Over the years, Bono has gotten himself into trouble when he has pushed the boundaries of social etiquette for his causes a little too far. He has heckled politicians who have differing views and has even been accused of narcissistic philanthropy.

Bono has Mars in Pisces at 29 degrees. Any planet which is at 29 degrees is known as an “anaretic” degree. It means karma and learning the lessons from this placement during this lifetime which have not been fully understood in the past. People with Mars in Pisces are compassionate and charitable but need well defined boundaries. They tend to give too much of themselves and at times can be a martyr. If there are no clear boundaries then their energy or health can be affected. Mars is forming a square to Jupiter which indicates excess around the lessons of this Mars placement. Is it possible to be too charitable?

Venus, Jupiter and Pluto are forming a Grand Earth Trine. The lucky individuals with a Grand Trine have somewhat of a Midas touch. In this case, it’s with money, possessions and practical matters. Many with this configuration seem to have things come to them easily. Challenges dissolve and life can be harmonious.

Bono’s birth time is not known so his Moon’s degree cannot be calculated. Regardless, the Scorpio Moon forms a conjunction to Neptune. The Scorpio Moon is a difficult placement. The individual’s emotions are strong and intense yet can be misguided. When the Moon is conjunct Neptune, it indicates the individual is very sensitive, sympathetic and sacrificing. It also shows that the individual may be confused or unclear about their mother. When he was fourteen, his mother died from a cerebral aneurysm. He has written many of his songs about his mother. This influence is further supported by an opposition to Venus, planet of love. Just about anyone with this aspect places the women in their life on a pedestal.

Bono was nicknamed “Bonavox” which is Latin meaning “good voice” but with so many charitable themes running though his chart it seems he is just as famous for his voice as what he is for the aid work he has done in Africa.

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