Sagittarius: Britney Spears

Kelli Fox

Sagittarian Britney Spears – little girl lost under the legal thumb of her daddy or successful singing sensation? It seems like both. Britney has a reputation as a big spender who is excessive and unrestrained – all traits of a Sagittarian. The Sun in her chart comes together with Mercury and Uranus. This influence indicates her relationship with her father is unique and different. In 2008 she was placed under her father’s conservatorship after she suffered a breakdown. Part of this Sagittarian stellium is Mercury conjunct Uranus. Anyone who has this influence are unorthodox thinkers, are quick minded and often brilliant yet can be eccentric and erratic. Both Mercury and Uranus are the rulers of the mind.

Brit Brit has Venus in Capricorn which is someone who craves a long term relationship. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case. Her marriage to Aries Kevin Federline lasted only two years. She suffered her breakdown after her marriage was over. Most people with this placement would see a short term marriage as a failure.

Her Mars in Virgo indicates someone who pays attention to detail and will do something over and over again until its right. It’s no accident Britney Spears has reached the top as this placement indicates a strong work ethic.

Overcoming her issues and with over 100 million albums sold worldwide and being ranked as the third most powerful musician in the world we can only assume Britney’s star will continue to burn brightly!

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