Sagittarius: Ben Stiller

Kelli Fox

Funny guy, Sagittarian Ben Stiller, has written, starred in, directed, and/or produced over fifty films including “Heavyweights,” “There’s Something About Mary,” “Meet the Parents,” “Zoolander,” “Dodgeball,” and “Tropic Thunder.”

Sagittarius is naturally hilarious but can also be the philosopher and teacher. With strict Saturn forming a square or challenging aspect to his Sagittarius Sun the energy of this sign is more subdued and disciplined. It also represents the father and in this case it seems Ben was heavily influenced by his father, famous comedian, Jerry Stiller.

It’s interesting to see Ben has Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius. Many people born under this sign are natural comedians and when this planet is retrograde, in this sign, the individual is sometimes known for “foot-in-mouth” syndrome. It seems he has used this “disadvantage” to his career advantage.

As Mercury is forming a square or tense aspect to both Uranus and Pluto it indicates he has focused this energy on putting his own brand of uniqueness and strength around a placement that might otherwise have had a negative impact. Stern Saturn is our disciplinarian and Mercury also forms a square to it. This whole combination of planets is called a T-square and is one of the most testing influences in astrology.

Mr Stiller has both love planet Venus and passion planet Mars in the hard working sign of Capricorn. This means he’s a man with a long term plan – especially when it comes to his relationships. He married actress Christine Taylor who has starred in some of his movies with him. When Venus and Mars are in this sign this represents someone who is in their relationship for the long haul.

As Venus forms a trine to Uranus and Pluto he can obsess about love and money and is someone who likes to experiment with both. He has played many humble characters with charm in his movies which seems like it’s not too much of a stretch of the truth with the influence of these somewhat reserved earth signs.

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