Pisces: Rihanna

Kelli Fox

Multi-award winning singer Rihanna was born when the Sun just moved into Pisces. True to her sign she has a Pisces sign tattooed behind her right ear and a star in her left ear. Pisces is the sign of music, ideals and compassion. She is a well know philanthropist and has donated her time and money to her many causes.

Her Pisces Sun forms an amicable sextile to three planets which include Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. This indicates she will make an impact on the world. It shows how she can bring the old and new together in a unique and different way. Having her Sun in Pisces, it’s obviously through her music.

She also has had many endorsement deals from Nike to Clinique to Gucci. With both Venus and Jupiter in Aries she is someone who is not afraid to go after what she wants. These placements also represent someone who is great at self-promoting and marketing and has a sense for fashion and style, aka trendsetter.

In February 2009, Rihanna became tabloid fodder when she was the victim of domestic violence from her then boyfriend, singer, Chris Brown. With Venus, planet of love forming a challenging square to Neptune, planet of glamor, fantasy and illusion it seems she doesn’t always see the whole person when it comes to her relationships. Many who have this aspect tend to wear “rose-colored glasses” when in love. A lot get taken of advantage in matters of the heart as well as with their finances. It was shocking to just about everyone to see a young, beautiful superstar in such a position. With this incident thankfully behind her and more hits which followed, we can only imagine how Rihanna’s star will shine more brightly.

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