Pisces: Justin Bieber

Kelli Fox

Canadian singing sensation, Piscean, Justin Bieber, has taken the female tween and teen world by storm. Just fourteen when his videos were spotted on YouTube he has reached dizzying heights in a very short space of time. He is the first artist to have seven songs from a debut album chart on the Billboard Hot 100. In July 2010, it was reported that he was the most searched for celebrity on the Internet while his music video “Baby” has become the most viewed YouTube video ever!

Pisces is the sign most associated with music and throughout his childhood, young Justin taught himself to play the piano, drums, guitar, and trumpet. His Pisces Sun is conjunct or next to Saturn, planet of hard work and responsibility. When these two planets come together it represents someone who is dedicated, disciplined and focused. Saturn can also represent older, more experienced people who will provide wisdom and guidance which fits as Justin has signed a record deal with singing sensation, Usher who is also his role model and mentor.

At the time he was born, Saturn was next to Mars, planet of drive and determination. This is a young man who has the seriousness and stamina to channel his energy into a tangible result. His “brand” or image has been finely honed by his mentors to be ever youthful but with Mercury, planet of the mind, conjunct Mars and part of a loose stellium (Mercury and Mars sit with Saturn and the Sun) it seems Justin Bieber is a man with a long term plan.

Powerful Pluto is an outer planet which, when placed strategically in an individual’s chart at the time of their birth can warrant the person having a global impact. With Justin Bieber, Pluto in next to or conjunct the North Node. This is a point in the sky which represents destiny and where the individual is headed this lifetime. When it comes together with Pluto it can be interpreted that the individual’s life path is to have a global impact, and so it seems, his destiny is being fulfilled.

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