Pisces: Bruce Willis

Kelli Fox

Pisces born Bruce Willis has appeared in over sixty films. He started his career in television starring in the hit show “Moonlighting.” From there he starred in blockbuster movies such as the “Die Hard” series, “Pulp Fiction,” “Armageddon,” and “The Sixth Sense.”

Pisces make for great actors as theirs is the sign of fantasy. Life is easier to deal with when there’s an escape. With Mercury, planet of communication, also in Pisces he may not always speak in a logical or methodical manner. People with this influence sometimes find it difficult to articulate. When he was younger he had a stutter. As Mercury is forming an out-of-sign trine to Neptune, planet of illusion, it seems he overcame is stutter through acting and playing make believe characters.

Love planet Venus is in Aquarius. Individuals with this placement will try anything once when it comes to matters of the heart. The more unique and different the better. He was married to actresses Demi Moore for thirteen years and they produced three daughters. They both went on to marry other people but much to the public’s surprise and respect they have managed to keep a very cordial relationship, even being photographed together with their respective spouses.

Upon further inspection, Venus in this chart, is not a bed of roses! It forms a square to passionate Mars in Taurus and strict Saturn in Scorpio thus forming a T-square. Venus is also in opposition to Pluto, planet of control and power in Leo which only further enhances a potent mix.

This very challenging influence of planets makes for a very complex individual when it comes to romantic relationships. It seems Mr Willis is sexual and experimental but can be obsessive. With Saturn in Scorpio traveling retrograde there’s a restriction or block that comes with this energy. At times he has probably held back on his desires due to the “little voice” inside his head. Perhaps he was caught doing something “sinful” when he was younger and it has stuck with him or maybe his religion had him think this way.

With Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Cancer luck comes to him in unusual ways, particularly through his family. His very amicable relationship with his ex-wife has probably received just as much publicity as his movie premiers and that can’t be too bad for the bank balance!

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