Libra: Usher

Kelli Fox

Libran born Usher is an R&B sensation who has sold more than 45 million albums worldwide. It’s no surprise he has Sun conjunct Pluto. This makes for one very powerful individual and someone who cannot be ignored. Anyone with this placement can be dominate, commanding and controlling and these are the positive traits to this aspect. On the negative, it can be ruthlessness and one power hungry person if they don’t shine in their own right. Luckily, for us, Usher is using this influence for the good of the world.

Venus, Mars and Uranus were aligned in Scorpio at the time of his birth which means he is sexually charged and willing to try anything weird and wonderful between the sheets, even just once. This is a man of spunk and endless energy which leaves the rest of us mere mortals only to fathom what half his energy would be like.

To top it all off, Usher has Saturn in Virgo which indicates he is very particular and exacting and will go over something again and again until he finds the perfection he seeks. He is probably harder on himself than anyone else picking up the smallest of details that probably nobody else would notice. His expectations are most likely sky high but then again, this is what it takes to achieve the level of success he has with five Grammy Awards, four World Music Awards, four American Music Awards, and nineteen Billboard Music Awards. Usher Raymond is a power-house who will keep on achieving again and again and again.

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