Libra: Matt Damon

Kelli Fox

Libran Matt Damon became prominent through his Oscar win for the Good Will Hunting screenplay he wrote with best bud Ben Affleck. With Mercury, planet of the mind, in the relationship sign of Libra it’s no wonder he conspired with his friend as this placement works best when the individual works with another brainstorming and tossing ideas around to formulate a plan.

Behind the gracious Libran façade is someone who has incredible drive, ambition and amazing passion due to Mars and Pluto conjunct in his chart. Anyone who has this aspect is not someone to be messed with either as they have tremendous power and connections in all the right…or wrong places. Who would have guessed with such an angelic face?

Venus, planet of romance is in sizzling Scorpio! This means Mr Matt Damon is one hot hottie when it comes to matters of love and lust. He is also someone who is loyal and dedicated to those he loves. A tender moment will always be remembered. That said, Venus is in a hard position as it opposes Saturn, planet of burden and responsibility. For those with this placement or more particularly, for those who have dated anyone with this placement, once they are over you then you’ll be shown the door – never to be seen again.

Venus forms a wide conjunction to the planet Neptune which indicates someone who wears rose colored glasses when it comes to relationships. This can be good and bad with the good giving each romantic moment a heady rush while the bad is holding onto a relationship once it’s passed its use by date.

Overall, Matt Damon is a romantic at heart who’s in it for the long haul, dedicated to his wife and family. What more could one ask for?

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