Libra: Gwen Stefani

Kelli Fox

Gwen Stefani was born under a Libran Sun, in fact, she has four planets in this style conscious sign. The planets of this stellium include: Mercury, Uranus, Sun and Jupiter. When these planets come together it represents a person who is quick in thought and embraces unique and different views and ideologies. She is definitely thought of as someone who has their own style and made most of the clothes she wore onstage. L.A.M.B was the clothing line she launched which was inspired with an international flavor.

Ms Stefani has her Moon in the sign of Cancer so she is someone who is close to her family and nurtures others. That said, her Moon forms a challenging square aspect to her Libra stellium. It seems at times her family obligations may get in the way of her creativity and freedom.

With Mars in Capricorn, she is someone who has long term career ambitions. Anyone with this placement can tell you about their ambition and industriousness. There is a certain discipline these people exhibit that can make the rest of us look lazy! Mars in Capricorn is forming part of a Grand Earth Trine to Venus in Virgo and Saturn in Taurus. This configuration means money and possessions come easily. I seems the harder Gwen Stefani works the more good luck she’ll have!

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