Leo: Sandra Bullock

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July-born Leo Sandra Bullock is an actress who has achieved wealth, fame, and awards in films like Speed, Crash, and Miss Congeniality, to name just a few. She has been listed among People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in the World and been ranked among the richest female celebrities. She's seen both very good and very bad press, - sometimes in the same year – and always manages to keep a level head. Even when handling public scandal and under scrutiny, she does it in a casually regal way.

Well, Sun in Leo is nothing if not strong – and regal. Mercury is also in Leo. This enables her to command an audience and communicate in very entertaining ways. And of course, Mercury in Leo is great for anything theatrical.

But how does this fiery Leo keep so cool under pressure?

Without an accurate birth time the degree of her moon cannot be calculated; however, we can be sure that her moon is in Aquarius, sign of the non-conformist. The moon governs the emotions and while hers may run as deep as anyone else's the Aquarius rulership masks her emotional nature with an intellectual detachment. This is what helps her keep cool under pressure, whatever may be going on under the surface.

The Moon also has to do with home and mother – and in Aquarius that means something a bit unusual. Sandra Bullock's mom was a German-born opera singer who toured Europe, often with daughter, Sandra, in tow. She even lived there at times with her Aunt and Grandmother where she learned to speak fluent German. This may sound like a broken home, but that's not the case; her early family life was stable if unconventional. Her father was career military, eventually working at the Pentagon. Her parents had settled in Virginia before Sandra was born – where she was a cheerleader and took part in High School theater productions. No frequent moves, no abuse or neglect, no natural disasters.

There is a challenging square from Mercury in Leo to Jupiter in Taurus. Both planets deal with thinking and the mind and work well together by nature - but a square does give force and a sense of combat to the combination. This gives her a tendency towards strong opinions and a stubborn personal philosophy. Education is highly valued and there is a wish to lead by example. Ms. Bullock almost didn't take the role in The Blind Side as she was uncomfortable playing a devout Christian. She did though - and it won her the Best Actress Oscar.

Venus, planet of art and beauty is right next to aggressive Mars forming a conjunction in versatile Gemini. This is a creativity aspect, and in Gemini makes her especially charming and expressive with words. This is a very adaptable combination, too. Whether on screen or in front of a live audience, there’s probably not much you could throw at Sandra Bullock that she couldn't handle!

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