Leo: Jennifer Lopez

Kelli Fox

Multiple threat Jennifer Lopez pretty much does it all. She's an award-winning actress and recording artist, a successful record producer, television producer and personality – and a great dancer too. She's been on the covers of more than a few glamour magazines and women have paid big money to make their bodies look more like hers. With all that performing ability and attention-getting, it should be no surprise that she was born with the Sun in Leo.

Glamour aside, a life like that takes massive amounts of energy and drive to sustain. And Ms. Lopez has them in spades! Sun in Leo is strong – being in its own sign. With harmonious aspects one can expect a strong heart and back and great health in general. A trine to Mars in Sagittarius couldn't be much more harmonious – unless growth planet Jupiter sits right between them. Jupiter does just that, forming a sextile aspect to both Sun and Mars in J-Lo's chart. A sextile is helpful like a trine only weaker; If a trine between two planets is like a hug, the sextile is more like a firm handshake. These three planets continually strengthen, inspire and amplify each other, generating the kind of energy that absolutely has to do something. Big things, too. She almost can't help it – and it's best she doesn't!

Mars is close enough to foggy mysterious Neptune to make a conjunction in her chart. This is not an easy aspect to handle – through self-doubt, inner pride is easily shaken and can even turn to victimhood. Ms. Lopez practices an Izraeli martial art called Krav Maga. Disciplines like martial arts and yoga do a lot to keep the body and spirit strong and supported. They are an excellent way to get the best – and minimize the worst - of this aspect.

Her Jupiter is very close to unpredictable Uranus, forming a conjunction. These two planets together in Libra - the sign of partnership and marriage – signify sudden breakups and get-togethers, and big plans that may or may not happen. Her breakup with Ben Affleck just hours before a well-publicized wedding is a classic example of this aspect at work.

With this aspect in her chart, she needs a lot of freedom in her relationships and can't bear to be confined in any way. Friendship is as important as romance to her and anyone who thinks differently will find they have a tiger by the tail! Or a lion...she is a Leo after all!

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