Leo: Halle Berry

Kelli Fox

Halle Berry who has been voted “Sexiest Woman Alive” truly has luck on her side. With as many as eight trines forming a grand trine (and mostly with Saturn) this lady is blessed – not just with good looks and talent but a Saturnian work ethic which has won her an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Not that there haven't been hardships. But trines offer the stability to withstand them, as well as the gifts of grace and good timing. The first four years of her life were spent in a volatile household, where domestic violence occurred regularly. Regarding her own experiences with domestic abuse, Ms. Berry is quoted as saying, “Early on in my life I made choices, and I chose abusive men because that was what I knew growing up... First time it happened, I knew enough to keep moving”.

If she's not so lucky in love - blame the only square in her chart - Sun square Neptune. This represents to anyone who has this aspect not being able to see the men in one’s life clearly. Growing up with an absentee father and two divorces behind her fits the bill of this influence. Particularly for women with Sun square Neptune it brings confusion, deception and unrealistic ideals in relationships.

Other relationships in Halle Berry's life are not so affected by that tough square. She's a fiercely devoted mother - unfortunately she's had to prove it through a custody battle with the father, French-Canadian model Gabriel Aubry. Warrior planet Mars sits right next to Jupiter, forming a conjunction in the sign of Cancer. Cancer rules motherhood, and these planets together give her the vitality for a big fight, especially if children are involved. Although she's an award-winning actress it is quite possible, given this aspect, that she identifies more with her role as mother than any other in her life.

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