Leo: Ben Affleck

Kelli Fox

Leo, Ben Affleck is a husband, father, actor, Academy Award winner, poker player, best friend to Matt Damon and ex-boyfriend to Libran, Gwyneth Paltrow and Leo, Jennifer Lopez.

With the Sun trine Jupiter in Ben’s natal chart he’s someone who is optimistic and is blessed with good fortune and good spirits. People with this aspect are risk takers so it makes sense he is an avid poker player who actually won the California State Poker Championship in 2004. In addition to this risk taking aspect, Jupiter forms an out of sign square to Pluto. This means risk taking with “big” money. So…how much does Mr Affleck actually risk at his poker games?

Wonder what his wife, Jennifer Garner thinks of this? She’s an Aries so on a very basic Sun sign level they get along. When you take a peek beyond their Sun signs you don't see much else that connects them. It's unusual to see a married couple who don't have their Venus and Mars – aka love and passion signs connecting – even in a challenging way. If they had have consulted an astrologer about getting married before they did many would have told them to keep looking. Admittedly, they have produced adorable children so let's be glad for this union, if only to up the ante in human good looks.

Ben and Jen were born a few months apart – she being the older woman. People born so close together have the outer planets in similar placements. That aside, the glue to their relationship is his Saturn, planet of long term commitment, conjuncting her Venus and Marsplanets of love and passion. When Saturn comes together with Venus it indicates a long term relationship BUT it’s from a sense of habit, duty and obligation rather than an uninhibited attraction and lust.

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