Gemini: Johnny Depp

Kelli Fox

Actor, musician and Hollywood maverick Johnny Depp was born with Sun in Gemini. Famous the world over for his portrayals of unusual characters, he's starred in movies that range from the modest and self-produced to major blockbusters. He's made a fortune and won numerous awards for his work in films such as Ed Wood, Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Don Juan DeMarco and the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Since an early marriage and divorce, this Gemini has been engaged to a string of glamourous women, but has so far avoided the altar. By all reports, he has been faithful to each one, and is a responsible and involved father for his children. His birth time is not known so his Moon’s degree cannot be calculated. But we can be sure his Moon is in Capricorn, which can make one cautious and circumspect in matters of love. However, fidelity is important to him, - his loyal love nature extends to anyone he considers family. A select few, to be sure, but he sees to it that they are well provided for.

Although his fame has come from moviemaking, he's also a musician, having recorded with The Pogues' Shane McGowan, Oasis, and his own band P, among other projects. This is well in keeping with the dualistic nature of his Gemini sun. Gemini also rules siblings, and over the years Mr. Depp has kept his sister close by as his personal manager.

A conjunction, or union between action planet Mars and eccentric Uranus makes for odd behavior, a rebellious temperament, and the desire to do things his own way...One has to speculate that, in studying for the roles he made famous, he didn't have to look far past his own nature!

True to his Mars-Uranus conjunction, Johnny Depp bases his choice of roles on their interest to him personally, rather than on their box office potential. Nevertheless, his pictures make many millions and he is fabulously wealthy. His wealth planet Venus is in its own sign, Taurus, conjunct or next to communications Mercury which enables him to lend charm and appeal to offbeat and often difficult characters. Saturn, the work planet, also rules time, and is square this conjunction, making the path to success a rocky one. Fortunately, his Sun forms a helpful trine aspect to Saturn, adding strength and stability to the mix. It has taken decades and a lot of hard work for him to reach this level of prosperity. Persistence pays off, even for rebels!

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