Gemini: Donald Trump

Kelli Fox

Who among us can list real estate, television, beauty pageants, politics, and a line of vitamins among their business interests? High-powered entrepreneur and consummate showman Donald Trump, that's who. With so many irons in the fire, it's no surprise that he was born under a Gemini Sun. Gemini is quick and versatile: no sign can keep more balls in the air at a given time.

Mr. Trump's Gemini sun is conjunct - or next to - unpredictable Uranus. These two planets together practically guarantee ups and downs throughout life. Together, they make a harmonious trine aspect to expansion planet Jupiter, adding optimism and the drive to do things on a grand scale. His monetary wealth has been estimated in the billions, yet he has faced divorce and bankruptcy more than once, parting with hundreds of millions of dollars in cash and land. And he always comes back swinging.

How does he manage to he keep it all going? A conjunction, or coupling, between love and wealth planet Venus and work planet Saturn - both in Cancer - spells it out: the overriding factor in this powerhouse life is the love of work. Cancer rules both family and foundations. Donald Trump started in the real estate business with his father, also a self-made millionaire. With children and grandchildren of his own, family is important to him. Love and marriage, while valued, can be difficult under this influence: work and relationships, when fused together, can leave romance out in the cold.

He's not without his warm side – far from it. “The Donald” has Mars in Sunny, outgoing Leo. This brings out his more romantic instincts, as well as a flair for showmanship. Besides producing and starring in reality show, ”The Apprentice”, he's participated in the spectacle of pro wrestling, and has appeared on film and television as a caricature of himself ! Whether it comes from a camera, crowd, or beautiful woman, he seems to bask in the attention. And he has the confidence to go for what he wants. Some have called him the “P.T. Barnum of finance”. Not your typical businessman, by any means!

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