Gemini: Angelina Jolie

Kelli Fox

Gemini born Angelina Jolie has been named "100 Most Beautiful,” voted “the greatest sex symbol of all time,” and "most beautiful woman in the world" and was the highest-paid actress of 2008 as well as being named one of the 50 People Who Matter 2010. With her equally famous partner, Brad Pitt, they form the most powerful couple on earth, dubbed by the media “Brangelina.”

Ms Jolie is just as famous for her humanitarian work which started when she was filming “Tomb Raider” in Cambodia. Gemini’s are famous for their duplicitous nature so on one hand, being very versatile and an excellent multi-tasker and on the other hand two faced. Neptune, planet of illusion and glamor forms an opposition to the Sun which further supports the dual nature of the Gemini Sun. That is, what you see is not necessarily what you get. The image she portrays may not be really who she is. Of course, acting is a wonderful outlet for this aspect.

The Sun forms a wide conjunction to Mercury, planet of communication. Mercury is also in one of its own signs – Gemini. Individuals with this placement are articulate and eloquent. As Mercury is retrograde she may have had to work harder at her message in some way.

Even though the birth time is not confirmed we know Ms Jolie has an Aries Moon. This means she is someone who has an adventurous heart but can be self-centered. With Mars and Jupiter forming a stellium with the Moon it’s no wonder she lives on her own terms. This stellium represents someone who is bold, courageous and daring. She has three adopted children and three biological. Her adopted children are from different parts of the world where she has also contributed on a humanitarian level. This stellium also denotes someone who is competitive and is comfortable in a “man’s world” as Mars and Jupiter are masculine planets in the masculine sign of Aries.

With Venus in Cancer, Ms Jolie does have a soft side and will feel secure when she is surrounded by her family. Anyone with this placement is usually a nurturer so it’s no surprise she has a lot of children. With Venus forming a square to Uranus, planet of rebellion, she has created her family on her own terms. She is not formally married to her partner, Brad Pitt, but they have created a unique lifestyle, traveling the world with their kids, making movies and helping those in need. What’s not to admire?

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