Famous Sagittarius People

Kelli Fox

Have you ever wondered if you're like your favorite famous person? What makes them tick and why they do the things they do? Do you think you have the gumption to become famous? We read about celebrities on every blog, in women's magazines and Twitter feeds but can we always believe what we hear? Sometimes, their antics leave us wondering and other times we're in awe! Compare yourself to these stars and see if you have what it takes to become tabloid fodder!

Sagittarius is symbolized by the Archer, that truth-seeker of the Zodiac who sends out arrow after arrow, aiming for the horizon. This is much the way that Sagittarius operates in life: striking out into the unknown with a far-reaching, idealistic vision of the possibilities inherent in the universe. Ozzy Osborne is the epitome of this sign as he's an optimist with a dose of naivety. He also liked to party in his "hey-day."

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck. And this sign does seem lucky -- Sags are always falling into great experiences and opportunities, seemingly without effort. Think back to Brad Pitt in the movie "Thelma and Louise" where Pitt plays the role of a lucky drifter. The movie also turned out to be his big break. Their Mutable nature allows them to go with the flow, switching course at a moment's notice. What better way to bring luck into your life than to keep your eyes open for opportunities? How about Jay-Z, Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus? They seem to have had some lucky breaks, of course combined with a lot of hard work!

Sagittarius is famous, however, for not being able to see the trees for the forest. This sign's attention to detail isn't the greatest; they're too busy getting excited about the big picture to keep an eye on the little things. Sagittarius has a reputation as a lifelong student and teacher, a people-lover and an adventurer. In short, this sign wants to get out into the world and experience everything and everyone in it! Talk show host, Tyra Banks is another Archer that comes to mind.

Yes, it's true -- this sign loves people and experience so much that it can find it hard to settle down with just one person. Sagittarius can't stand routine; this sign thrives on spontaneity, so whoever claims the heart of a Sag will be someone who keeps them guessing. Other famous Archers include: Scarlett Johansson, Katherine Heigl, Christina Applegate, Don Cheadle, Lucy Liu, Julianne Moore, Jennifer Connelly and Jamie Foxx.

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