Famous Aries People

Kelli Fox

Have you ever wondered if you're like your favorite famous person? What makes them tick and why they do the things they do? Do you think you have the gumption to become famous? We read about celebrities on every blog, in women's magazines and Twitter feeds but can we always believe what we hear? Sometimes, their antics leave us wondering and other times we're in awe! Compare yourself to these stars and see if you have what it takes to become tabloid fodder!

The Ram, yep, that's the one with the bold and sometimes risky attitude. Can you think of Reese Witherspoon, Robert Downey Jr., and Kate Hudson? They won't often back down from a challenge or confrontation. While confrontations can be exciting, they can also lead to a frustrating locking of horns with an imagined foe. Russell Crowe has been known for a few public outbursts and that, in a nutshell, explains a significant part of the Aries experience.

This Sign is ruled by Mars, the planet of passion, it's no wonder that Aries is one of the strongest, most impulsive and courageous signs of the Zodiac. This sign is fearless when it comes to challenge and conquest – just think, Lady Gaga was bullied at school but bounced back to become one of the best-selling artists of all time! And Celine Dion, she overcame her humble background to become another successful solo artist.

Aries will pursue a relationship with the same single-minded energy that they'll apply to any other project, and they won't often let obstacles keep them from reaching their goal. Imagine the sparks when Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick hooked up! But sometimes, that excitement can verge toward agitation.

Aries is as hot-blooded as it is warm-hearted, which can mean a fiery temper to match that strong drive. This sign gets mad fast when it doesn't get what it wants. Remember that voicemail hot-head Alec Baldwin left for his daughter a few years back? Not to worry, all is forgotten as there's too much to do and see in life to waste time clinging to old, outmoded emotions! While another sign would still be stewing in its juices, Aries is already off jumping headfirst into the next adventure.

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