Celebrity Bad Behavior: How Do You Compare, Taurus?

Kelli Fox

When celebrities turn bad, often in the full glare of the media spotlight, it’s a little like watching a slow motion car crash – we know we should turn away, but somehow, we just can’t. Could celebrity bad behavior be rooted in the stars? Does a celebrity’s star sign play a part in their meltdown? Yes, to a certain extent. Sun signs are only one small part of astrology, and the full picture is much more complex than that, but here’s our guide to the type of tantrums we can expect from celebs.

By and large, Taurus people are relatively placid and kind. The sign does have a darker side, however. A Taurus can be very possessive and controlling when life doesn’t go his or her way. It may take a while for problems to emerge, but bubbling under the surface is quite a temper. When it does burst through, it’s typically followed by remorse, but Taurus can go through many such cycles before finally learning a lesson. Chris Brown, for instance, was reported as having said in April 2013 that he had finally learned that beating a woman was wrong – four years after his infamous assault on Rihanna. Basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman has also been in trouble with the law multiple times for spousal abuse issues, in his case following a troubled upbringing. Taurean violent outbursts are relatively rare, however. As Rihanna said of Chris Brown, “He's a good person. He has a fantastic heart. He's giving and loving. And he's fun to be around.” It’s often all roses, until something snaps.

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