Celebrity Bad Behavior: How Do You Compare, Sagittarius?

Kelli Fox

When celebrities turn bad, often in the full glare of the media spotlight, it’s a little like watching a slow motion car crash – we know we should turn away, but somehow, we just can’t. Could celebrity bad behavior be rooted in the stars? Does a celebrity’s star sign play a part in their meltdown? Yes, to a certain extent. Sun signs are only one small part of astrology, and the full picture is much more complex than that, but here’s our guide to the type of tantrums we can expect from celebs.

As a sign, Sagittarius really doesn’t care what you think. Sagittarius celebs don’t either – or do they? Generally friendly, gregarious and free spirited, Sagittarius people are generally content to do their own thing, but when celebrity strikes, Sagittarius seems to develop a strong need for attention. Witness Britney Spears and her 2007 meltdown and head shaving incident. In Britney’s case, her erratic behavior seems to coincide with the end of relationships, and indeed she is reportedly in trouble again after the ending of her engagement to Jason Trawick. Independent minded though Sagittarius is, a Sagittarius in trouble needs someone to lean on. The most recent Sagittarius behaving badly is Miley Cyrus, whose outrageous twerking performance on the MTV Video Music Awards was widely greeted with shock and disbelief. Despite those who believe Miley is being manipulated by the music industry, Sagittarius lives by its own rules, regardless whether society approves or not – Miley is probably entirely in control of her actions, and simply does not care whether we approve or disapprove.

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