Celebrity Bad Behavior: How Do You Compare, Pisces?

Kelli Fox

When celebrities turn bad, often in the full glare of the media spotlight, it’s a little like watching a slow motion car crash – we know we should turn away, but somehow, we just can’t. Could celebrity bad behavior be rooted in the stars? Does a celebrity’s star sign play a part in their meltdown? Yes, to a certain extent. Sun signs are only one small part of astrology, and the full picture is much more complex than that, but here’s our guide to the type of tantrums we can expect from celebs.

Pisces is a gentle, mystical sign, and perhaps the sign least well equipped of all to handle the stresses of fame and celebrity. These sensitive people always seek the line of least resistance, and are easily susceptible to negative escapism – particularly to drugs and alcohol. Those who’ve experienced fame at a young age are especially vulnerable to this – Justin Bieber’s behavior, for instance, has become increasingly unstable recently, and he has chosen some unwise company, mixing with stars known to be involved with drugs. In August this year, his and his entourage’s luggage were searched by sniffer dogs, with police having responded to a tip-off. They found nothing, but concerns remain over this young star’s future. Drew Barrymore is another Pisces whose fame at a young age caused notorious problems with drugs and alcohol. Happily, most Pisces celebrities eventually sort themselves out, but for the unfortunate few who do not, what starts as bad behavior can turn to tragedy – as in the sad case of Kurt Cobain, whose final years were marred by heroin addiction and depression before his suicide in 1994.

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