Celebrity Bad Behavior: How Do You Compare, Gemini?

Kelli Fox

When celebrities turn bad, often in the full glare of the media spotlight, it’s a little like watching a slow motion car crash – we know we should turn away, but somehow, we just can’t. Could celebrity bad behavior be rooted in the stars? Does a celebrity’s star sign play a part in their meltdown? Yes, to a certain extent. Sun signs are only one small part of astrology, and the full picture is much more complex than that, but here’s our guide to the type of tantrums we can expect from celebs.

When Gemini celebrities act up, more often than not it’s with words rather than with physical violence. Gemini is the consummate communicator, and this sign knows more than most how words have a power all of their own. It’s also quite easy for Gemini to lie and to dupe others with their charm, so this sign is the home of con artists and thieves. When Gemini loses it, it’s often over something relatively minor. Supermodel Naomi Campbell has a long history of diva-like behavior, including verbal and physical abuse of various assistants, in some cases triggered by something as simple as not being able to find a pair of jeans. She was also called to give evidence at the war crimes trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor, having allegedly received blood diamonds from him under somewhat shady and unclear circumstances. Perhaps the most typical Gemini bad behavior, however, comes from comedian Russell Brand. Known for his controversial brand of humor, he has also recently become well known for turning the tables on interviewers, leaving them humiliated and defeated as he talks his way to victory.

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