Celebrity Bad Behavior: How Do You Compare, Cancer?

Kelli Fox

When celebrities turn bad, often in the full glare of the media spotlight, it’s a little like watching a slow motion car crash – we know we should turn away, but somehow, we just can’t. Could celebrity bad behavior be rooted in the stars? Does a celebrity’s star sign play a part in their meltdown? Yes, to a certain extent. Sun signs are only one small part of astrology, and the full picture is much more complex than that, but here’s our guide to the type of tantrums we can expect from celebs.

Cancer is a sweet, loving and gentle sign – most of the time. However, Cancer people often struggle with depression, and in the high pressure celebrity world, that can lead to drink and drug issues. Known also for mood swings and psychotic behavior, Cancer actually accounts for a higher proportion of serial killers than any other sign – surprising, perhaps, unless you actually live with a Cancer, in which case, possibly not. Not in the realm of serial killers, but troubled nonetheless, typical Cancerian celebrity behavior is shown by Lindsay Lohan. Director Paul Schrader said this year of her: “In the past 16 months, I have been hostage to Lindsay Lohan. She is a great actress, she should be here, but her behavior is unspeakable.” Struggling with sobriety issues, Lindsay’s checkered past is typical of how Cancer can go off the rails. Similarly, David Hasselhoff, shamed in a leaked video clip of him in a drunken stupor in 2007, has ongoing battles with alcoholism which affect his work and his celebrity status. Once Cancer has a problem, depressive cycles and emotional hurts make it difficult to resolve.

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