Capricorn: Nicolas Cage

Kelli Fox

Nicolas Cage is one of the world’s highest paid actors having appeared in over sixty films. He comes from Hollywood royalty, the Coppola family but chose not to use his family name as he wanted to make it on his own merits. Typical Capricorn, whose symbol is the Sea Goat where they start from the very bottom of the ocean and work their way up to the top of the mountain to achieve success. Slow and steady with a long term plan.

Capricorns are usually good money managers although not in this case. Mr Cage has been in a lot of hot water with regards to his over-spending and not paying taxes. Capricorns usually hold tight purse strings and are not ones to be known as “big spenders” amongst friends. He also has Mars in Capricorn which further supports this energy. People with this placement are ambitious and have goals they will work a lifetime to achieve.

The issue with Mr Cage’s over abundance is his Jupiter in Aries which forms a challenging aspect to his Capricorn planets. Anytime Jupiter forms a tense aspect to another planet it triggers excess and wild abandon when it comes to one’s sensibilities. In this case, with Jupiter in Aries, there seems to be an excessive focus on the self and living in the moment. Basically, Jupiter overtook the sensible, practical and realistic side of his Capricorn nature when it comes to his financial situation.

To further support that he really does have a practical side there’s a conjunction between love and money planet Venus and sensible Saturn. This aspect denotes seriousness when it comes to finances but because both planets are in Aquarius it means he will have an attitude which is definitely unique and different. Venus rules both love and money and we can see through his three marriages that he marches to the beat of his own drum. Apparently, he and his first wife, actress Patricia Arquette, lived in separate houses while his second marriage to Lisa Marie Presely was just plain weird (as was her marriage to Michael Jackson).

Venus and Saturn form a square or tension to Neptune, planet of deceit and illusion. This is another factor which indicates he’s not really seeing his relationships and finances for what they are. People who have Venus and Neptune in a challenging connection are disappointed in matters of the heart and pocketbook. They don’t see the details and only focus on what they want to see. Here’s hoping his troubles will be sorted out but from the looks of things this may take a really long time to work through. Here’s hoping that’s not the case.

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