Capricorn: Mel Gibson

Kelli Fox

What’s up with Capricorn Mel Gibson? We can’t blame his behavior on his Sun sign as Capricorns are known to be self-controlled and undemonstrative. They’re also conservative and responsible.

It looks like Mercury, planet of communication can take the blame for his offensive rants and the like. At first glance Mercury looks well behaved as it’s in the sign of Capricorn which represent someone who thinks and speaks in an orderly manner and has good judgment and can be methodical. He has starred in, directed and produced some smash hits such as ‘The Year of Living Dangerously’, ‘Lethal Weapon’ and ‘The Passion of the Christ’ so at least we know this placement has been used in some positive way. The problem becomes Mercury’s opposition to Uranus which is the planet of the weird. It’s also the ruler of the unexpected, rebellion and fanaticism. So here we have it, Mercury planet of the mind battling with Uranus, planet of erratic behavior.

Mercury also forms a square or challenging aspect to Neptune – planet of illusion and delusion. When someone has this influence is can mean mental confusion and strange ideals not based in reality. With the combination of these two hard influences on Mr Gibson’s mental planet Mercury, it seems to explain a lot.

To top it all off, Mars is forming a square to Pluto. This aspect is very difficult and represents violence and aggression if the individual who has this placement does not find a positive outlet for it. Anyone with this influence can be intimidating and manipulative. Here’s hoping Mel Gibson doesn’t become Mad Max in real life.

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