Cancer: Tom Hanks

Kelli Fox

Actor Tom Hanks holds a position in the ranks of Hollywood celebrity that few can reach. His work in films such as Forest Gump, Philadelphia, and Saving Private Ryan have won him both Oscars and Golden Globes, and his movies have grossed in the billions. He's also an award-winning producer, writer, and director, and has served as Vice President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He's made his fortune playing mostly good guys with basic, innocent desires and strong moral standpoints. They often get put through the wringer and come out intact - if a bit shaken.

Where does he get his acting talent? Mr. Hanks' chart features a square between artistic Venus and energetic Mars. These two get creative when they contact each other. Even a stressful square has this effect, adding extra charisma. Venus in Gemini gives him a boyish kind of charm and a way with words. Mars relates to personal energy and is in mysterious Pisces. This can be a tricky placement, as he may see himself differently from moment to moment. Acting is one of the best ways to use this placement – chances are that trying on different roles actually makes him feel more like himself!

The most telling thing in Tom Hanks' chart is a nice, helpful grand trine between the Sun, action planet Mars, and responsible Saturn. The Grand Trine is both harmonious and stable - whatever happens on life's journey, the Grand Trine makes level ground for landing.

Sun in Cancer is sensitive and emotional and has to do with nurturing, home, and the mother. In his case, Tom was raised mostly by his father, who worked hard to support and care for his children. His father's long hours sometimes left him and his siblings to fend for themselves. And it was a good thing – those early experiences taught him self-reliance and prepared him well for the future.

Mars in Pisces tends to identify with all of humanity. This makes it easy for him to take on different characters. And he gives whoever he's playing the veneer of an everyday guy – especially in circumstances that test the imagination. Just watch him in Splash, Cast Away, Turner and Hooch, or Big, to see this placement at work.

Saturn in Scorpio completes the Grand Trine in Tom Hanks' birth chart. People with this placement take their responsibilities very seriously. This Saturn is intense but reserved, shrewd in business, and good at keeping secrets. He doesn't usually play a villain, and he probably doesn't want to. But if he wanted to, he most likely could - and very well too!

But Tom Hanks doesn't play that. Nearly all of his roles portray a real stand-up guy. An unlikely hero, but a good person to have in one's corner and it seems to reflect these qualities off screen as well.

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