Cancer: Lindsay Lohan

Kelli Fox

Former child model, actress and singer Lindsay Lohan has been in the public eye nearly all her life. Whether she's doing a Jello commercial with Bill Cosby, acting in such films as The Parent Trap and Freaky Friday, or living with tabloid notoriety, there's something about her that grabs the public's attention. Both communication planet Mercury and attraction planet Venus are in sunny, stage-happy Leo. There's something very warm, confident, and “look at me!” about the way she moves through life.

All that Leo energy may distract us from her Cancer Sun, which is a different story altogether! Cancer can be very career-oriented, but this placement also makes her sensitive and vulnerable at heart. Vulnerability makes a person easy to like and relate to, which adds even more to her popularity - but at the same time it makes that much popularity hard to bear. She has long had a fascination with Marilyn Monroe, who struggled between a need for attention and approval, and fierce privacy. Stardom could be a terrible burden in Marilyn's day, and it seems it hasn't exactly gotten easier since then!

Her Cancer Sun makes a harmonious trine to Pluto in Scorpio. Because it takes many years for Pluto to move through each zodiac sign it is seen as a generational planet - and in that light can reflect public opinion. Lindsay, while widely viewed, has been especially popular with her own age group. Pluto is in its own sign, Scorpio, making its energies even darker and more potentially dangerous. Goth fashion, with its emphasis on dour expressions and heavy black makeup, exemplifies this energy. On the set of Freaky Friday, Ms. Lohan suggested her character have Goth leanings, to make the film more accessible to people her age. The film also gave her the opportunity to showcase her musical ability. Both strategies worked: the film did spectacularly well, and she won an MTV award for “Best Breakthrough Performance.”

A supportive trine between her Leo Mercury and Saturn in Sagittarius show that she can work hard and put in some very long hours. This has served her well, but needs to be kept within bounds. Her line of work is quite stressful, and the Cancer Sun needs regular time-outs in order to handle the pressure. These different combinations must work together, or emotional and health problems can result.

To make matters worse, Mercury forms a stressful square to Pluto, which can make her prone to destructive behavior, bad press and even troubles with the law. That protective Sun-Pluto trine helps her keep in people's good graces but it can only shield her from so much.

Cancer rules emotions, family, and nurturing. When this sensitive, expressive lady balances her public and private lives, she rules her world, and some of ours. Self-care is and will be key to her success.

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