Cancer and Capricorn: Prince William and Kate Middleton

Kelli Fox

The excitement has been building since the November 16th engagement announcement between Prince William and Kate Middleton. After nearly eight years of dating it’s not a big surprise. William was born during a Solar Eclipse in Cancer which is the sign of home and family. Of course, the British Royal Family is one of the most powerful, best known and oldest families in the world. Unfortunately, we do not know the birth time for Kate Middleton although it is clear she was born around the time of a Lunar Eclipse. It’s interesting how these two individuals where born at such powerful times and how their destinies will be recorded in history.

William the Cancer, and Capricorn Kate have their Sun in opposite signs and obviously this is a case of opposites attracting. Her Cancer Moon is an excellent fit with his Sun and Moon and provides the support each will need when handling the obligations and duties of the Royal Family which lie ahead.

To add to the challenge of Royal life, Kate’s Sun squares her Saturn and also forms a square to William’s Saturn and Pluto. It seems the responsibility and burden of the life she has chosen may, at times, become too much. She could find it restrictive with too many rules and regulations. With Pluto thrown into the mix she may feel a sense of powerlessness and find the regimentation overwhelming.

On the plus side, their Mercury’s connect through a harmonious trine. Hers in Aquarius while his in Gemini. This means communication will be easy with misunderstandings at a minimum. With his Mercury opposing her Uranus their mental connection is even stronger and at times it may seem like they have a psychic connection where their thoughts replace words. Natally, Kate does have Mercury square Jupiter so she should take care with exaggeration and embellishing the truth.

Kate also has Venus squaring Jupiter in her natal chart. Although it makes for someone with refined manners, social graces and a great fashion sense it also can make for someone who is vain and overly concerned with their appearances. They can also be extravagant and seek the luxuries life has to offer. It will be interesting to see if Kate will be a fashion icon like William’s mother, Diana, was.

The Royal Wedding is set for Friday, April 29th, 2011 which will be a public holiday in the United Kingdom. The influence of the Taurus Sun provides stability and longevity for the marriage although with five planets in Aries there will certainly be challenges. Aries is a sign known for its independence and impulsiveness which especially doesn’t bode well for Cancer and Capricorn. Aries is at odds with these two signs which seek a more steady and grounded life.

What provides the anchor to this very strong Aries influence is the opposition from Saturn in Libra. This is where the sense of duty and responsibility form which they will be able to conquer together. Theirs will be a marriage of not only love but one which will be bound in karma and commitment.

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