Aries: Russell Crowe

Kelli Fox

Academy award winning actor Russell Crowe nailed his role in Gladiator in 2000. In true Aries form he came across the big screen in his role as Maximus Decimus Meridius as fearless, bold and courageous. He has the very masculine Mars and Jupiter also in Aries. He was the obvious perfect choice for the part. In real life he has a reputation for having a bad temper and has been involved in various brawls across the globe.

Having the Sun, Mars and Jupiter in Aries denotes a passionate, competitive, impatient and belligerent individual. One way he has found an outlet for this energy is through becoming a part owner in a Sydney football team, “The South Sydney Rabbitoh’s.” He rescued the team from the brink of extinction so it satisfies his competitive, ambitious and passionate side.

With love planet Venus in a close square to sombre Saturn it seems Mr Crowe takes his relationships seriously. Even though he has been linked to a string of women it wasn’t until 2003, on his 39th birthday, that he settled down with Taurean, Danielle Spencer whom he had known for thirteen years prior. People with Venus in aspect to Saturn are usually the ones who are in long term marriages or marry someone from a different generation. They are not usually demonstrative and have been known to cringe at public displays of affection.

As Venus is also squaring Uranus, planet of all things different, his relationships have been somewhat eclectic. From Meg Ryan to Nicole Kidman to Courtney Love which shows how his tastes have varied. Just about anyone who has this aspect are wild and wilful in matters of the heart. A lot have a taste for the unique and the more exotic the better.

With Saturn opposing Uranus and both squaring Venus to form a T-square, it seems his dilemma is finding a balance between his commitment and his freedom. With a movie star lifestyle spanning the globe, it seems he manages to satisfy both desires.

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