Aries: Lady Gaga

Kelli Fox

Aries born shock pop singer, Lady Gaga, has made an impact on the world in a short period of time through her music and dress code. Forbes placed her at number seven on their 2010 annual list of the World's 100 Most Powerful Women. Not bad for someone who launched their debut album in 2008!

Aries is a cardinal sign, the others being Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. These four signs are known for their instigation, action and trend-setting. They set the standards and others follow. Ms Gaga, it seems, is no exception!

The Aries Sun forms a square to Neptune, planet of illusion and glamor. When these two planets are united by a challenging aspect the individual needs to make a conscious choice to take the high road rather than the path of least resistance. Neptune is the ruler of drugs, lies, deception and delusion. On the positive, it rules music, spirituality, creativity and inspiration. This aspect has the power to make or break her.

Lady Gaga has love planet Venus, in Aries. Venus can be the indicator of how someone behaves socially. Just about anyone with this placement is not what we would typically call a wallflower, in fact, the opposite is true. Socially and romantically they are impulsive and enthusiastic but will not hesitate to move onto their next conquest, project or plan while the rest of us are just warming up. Add rebel planet Uranus to this placement via an affable trine and we get a fully-fledged trailblazer, in the craziest way!

As further proof of her influence on today’s culture, the University of South Carolina is offering a full-time course called "Lady Gaga and the Sociology of Fame.” It analyzes "the sociologically relevant dimensions of the fame of Lady Gaga with respect to her music, videos, fashion, and other artistic endeavors.” Here’s hoping her “meat dress” she wore at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards created from the flesh of a dead animal doesn’t catch on!

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