Aries: Alec Baldwin

Kelli Fox

Multi award winning actor, Alec Baldwin, has starred on stage, film and TV. He has also been an outspoken and enthusiastic advocate for his causes in true Aries fashion. With his Aries Sun forming an opportunistic sextile to an Aquarian Mars, planet of drive and motivation, his force and vitality have served him well. Of course, the flip side of this aspect is anger and aggression.

His divorce in 2000 and subsequent custody battle with his ex, Kim Bassinger, have resulted in endless tabloid articles and gossip. In 2007 an angry, shocking voicemail he left for his daughter after she failed to answer the phone for a scheduled call was released to the press. Mercury is the planet of communication and Mr Baldwin has his in Taurus which is usually someone who is cool, calm and collected when it comes to communicating. His Mercury forms an opposition to Jupiter, planet of excess and in this case, exaggeration and misjudgement.

Adding fuel to the fire he has Mars in opposition to Uranus. Anyone with this aspect is prone to recklessness, impulsiveness and even violence. Kim Bassinger claims the reason she filed for divorce was due to Alec’s bad temper. He also has Venus opposite Pluto. This means his relationships are very passionate…when they’re going well but power struggles and vehemence when they’re not.

Negative influences aside, Alec Baldwin definitely has luck on his side. He has a Grand Trine involving Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. A Grand Trine is a major configuration and provides the individual ease and harmony pertaining to the planets involved. In this case, when he sets his mind to something he can find the focus and determination to see it through to the end regardless of what else is going on in his life. Nothing escapes his steel trap mind. If he wasn’t an actor he would have made a great investigator or researcher.

He also has what looks to be two Mystic Rectangles in his chart! Of course, without a confirmed birth time we cannot be positive where the Moon actually sits. The first Mystic Rectangle involves the Mercury/Jupiter opposition as well as the Venus/Pluto opposition. Both these oppositions form a sextile and trine to the other opposition.

If indeed the Moon is between five and fifteen degrees Libra it would form the second Mystic Rectangle. The planets involved are Moon/Sun opposition and Mars/Uranus opposition and again, both form a sextile and trine to the other opposition. Mystic Rectangles are unusual, and two in one chart almost unheard of! The planets involved in this configuration work together as a unit. The oppositions are softened by the sextiles and trines and have more potential for growth and opportunity than a regular opposition. From his tribulations of dealing with his ex he wrote a book called “A Promise to Ourselves.” It chronicle’s his own divorce and gives narratives of several other men who experienced the same horrors he did. It appears Alec Baldwin has used the negatives of the Mystic Rectangles and has turned them into something positive through this book.

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