Aquarius: Oprah Winfrey

Kelli Fox

Aquarian born Oprah Winfrey has been known as the most powerful woman in the world. She came from poverty and worked her way up to create the success the rest of us can only ever dream about. Known for her generosity and true to her philanthropic Aquarian nature she has been repeatedly ranked as the most philanthropic celebrity, having given an estimated $303 million as of 2007.

With Venus, planet of love, beauty and social graces next to the Sun it’s no wonder the public love her! That public perception is so strong that anytime she mentions a product, endorses a book, a service, even beef or a presidential vote the sales of that product jump through the roof. This influence has an official name;‘The Oprah Effect.”

Mercury, planet of communication is also in Aquarius and provides the individual with a strong intellect and to “think outside the box.” Pluto, planet of power and influence, is opposing Mercury. It’s no surprise that her words have a huge impact on the world. She has the capacity to shift people’s perceptions on a global scale.

Also thrown into the mix is passion planet Mars in its own sign of Scorpio. With the combination of these three planets we have a T-square. This tells us challenges were part of the success she has achieved. We know Oprah has had battles with her relationships and weight although anyone with this planetary influence has the potential to overcome the most difficult of life’s tests.

Neptune, planet of glamor and illusion is in Libra, the sign of grace and refinement. It seems the public only sees the generous, successful and influential Oprah Winfrey which is all part of the package that the illusion of Neptune wants to create. Her struggles have been well documented but the public have been forgiving and empathetic and compassionate.

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