Aquarius: Ashton Kutcher

Kelli Fox

Ashton Kutcher, best known as Demi Moore’s fifteen years younger husband is an Aquarian. This sign likes to march to the beat of their own drum and isn’t that true! In 2005 Ashton married his “old lady” much to the delight of the tabloids!

As if a quirky Aquarian Sun isn’t enough…it forms a square or a ninety degree angle to the planet Uranus which is known for its craziness, originality and rebellious nature. Mr Kutcher’s popular show “Punk’d” and his popularity on Twitter seems to be a great outlet for this aspect as Uranus is also the ruler of technology which of course includes the internet.

Not many people know Ashton Kutcher was a model before he started acting. With the Sun conjunct or coming together with Venus this makes sense as the Sun represents self while Venus represents beauty. Of course, not everyone with the Sun next to Venus is a model but certainly many have good looks and a charming personality.

Just about everyone has been intrigued with his love life. More so, why did he marry a much older woman with a family and famous ex? That’s Venus is also the planet of love and romance and when it aspects Saturn, planet of older people or authority the reason all falls into place. He has Venus opposite Saturn so marrying an older woman it a way he has used this influence in his life.

With Jupiter forming three trine aspects to other planets Ashton can be larger than life. A trine is an easy, good luck aspect where sometimes things can be effortless for the individual. Snagging one of Hollywood’s most beautiful, ageless stars fits the bill. Not bad for a guy from Iowa but then again, you can also give credit to his Sun trine Pluto which provides the individual with a certain power, charisma and authority. Way to go Ashton Kutcher!

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