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Aries is a Fire Sign

Fire Signs are every bit as hot-blooded as you’d think! They’re passionate souls who live fast, love hard and gobble up life experience.

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Leo is a Fixed Sign

Fixed Signs resist change. They believe in the tried and true, and can be stubborn; but they make up for it in reliability and dedication.

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Sagittarius Your Ruling Planet is Jupiter

Jupiter speaks to your higher mind and your potential for inner growth. It governs your spirituality and optimism; it’s your lucky star.

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The Peak of Your Year, Aries

The Aries Full Moon in September or October each year gains you kudos for your initiative. Your ‘can-do’ attitude displays your leadership skills among the rank and file.

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Taurus is an Earth Sign

Earth Signs are grounded, practical and sensual. They possess earthy and uncomplicated souls — the salt of the Earth, you might say!

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Virgo is a Mutable Sign

Mutable Signs go with the flow — which means they can be really indecisive. They are easily influenced by others and are highly flexible.

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Capricorn, Your Ruling Planet is Saturn

Saturn is the great reality check. As your sense of duty, it looks over your shoulder and tells you to focus, work hard and get serious.

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The Peak of Your Year, Taurus

Life is for living, and nothing less. The Taurus Full Moon in October or November each year inspires you to put your feet up, kick back, and enjoy the finer…

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Gemini is an Air Sign

Air Signs have minds as changeable as the wind. They’re communicative, witty and intellectual and they tend to talk with their hands.

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Libra is a Cardinal Sign

Cardinal Signs are self-starters. These people naturally take the lead and love to initiate new projects, but they may lack follow-through.

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