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Simple Ways to Slash Your Stress in Half

For most people, a certain level of everyday stress is inevitable in these modern times. The structure of our lives seems to make tension, and even anxiety, almost a foregone…

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A Beginners Guide to Astrology: About – Part 1

Anyone can gain greater personal understanding with astrology since it affects our lives just as the moon influences the tides. Astrology provides you tools that can help you make the…

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A Beginners Guide to Astrology: The Qualities – Part 2

As we have discussed in part one of the Beginners Guide to Astrology, Astrology is an ancient and complex system that may be used in a variety of ways. The…

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A Beginners Guide to Astrology: The Signs – Part 3

Astrology is like an ocean; you can sail off towards the horizon and find yourself far from land. You can dive in as deep as you like and never reach…

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Six Surprising Things That Will Make You Happy

What makes you happy? For most of us, that question might immediately elicit a host of enticing ideas: taking a cat nap in the sun, perhaps, savoring some decadent chocolate,…

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Time to Get Your Life Together: 12 Ways to Make it Happen

Life is stressful and overwhelming; that’s just the nature of the beast. Unfortunately, it’s far too common to get caught up in the whirlwind of our daily responsibilities and let…

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How Committed Is He? Long-Term Love Signals

Men are notorious for being commitment-shy, but is this reputation truly fair and deserved? For some men, it certainly is, but not for all of them — not by a long…

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Using the Past to Predict the Future of Your Relationships

Gaining perspective on our relationships, both past and present, can be difficult. For one thing, being intimately involved in a friendship or love affair generally means we lack the benefit…

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Is Your Pet Psychic?

Do animals have psychic abilities? Experts and non-experts alike are split on the subject. More literal- or scientifically minded people might argue that psychic abilities, such as telepathy or premonitions,…

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Soul Mates or Just Another Date? Astrology Holds the Answers

When your goal is a loving, committed partnership, most everyone agrees: You should settle for nothing less than true love with “the One.” But how can you know for certain…

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