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Style Guide: A Fashion Makeover for the Signs

Just as the twelve Zodiac signs express their energies and personalities differently, according to the nature of their signs, they also express their personal styles in different and unique ways.…

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Renew Your Romance

If you’re in a happy relationship, it’s tempting to think you’ve struck lucky and that now you can sit back and relax. Not so! All relationships need ongoing care and…

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Wedding Style by Sign

Bridezilla or blushing bride? Does your zodiac sign invite the whole world to her wedding, or would you like to get married underwater? Find out below in this quick guide…

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Spring Cleaning Styles by Sign

Are you a whizz with the duster or a whizz kid who doesn’t care to clean at all? Find out if your zodiac sign puts the spring in spring cleaning,…

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Valentine’s Day by Sign

What does your lover really want on Valentine’s Day – or indeed, any other day of the year? Find out what makes this sign’s heart leap, and how you can…

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How To Be Your Best Romantic Self by Sign

Most of us consider ourselves romantic to a greater or lesser degree, but each of the zodiac signs has something unique and different to bring to a relationship. How do…

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What’s Your Job Interview Style?

Job interviews tend to strike terror into the strongest of hearts, but knowing how to play to your strengths really does help. Here’s a quick and easy guide to your…

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What Kind of Holiday Host Are You?

Do you love hosting the holidays, or do you dread it? Are you the life and soul of the party, or the host hiding in the kitchen watching the clock…

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Celebrity Bad Behavior: Is it in the Stars?

When celebrities turn bad, often in the full glare of the media spotlight, it’s a little like watching a slow motion car crash – we know we should turn away,…

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How Your Sign Can Avoid Colds/Flu

Winter (or any time of year) is such a beautiful season, but for many of us it’s often marred by sniffles, head colds, sore throats or full blow flu. With…

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