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Full Moon in Cancer

#FullMoon in Cancer is a time for family and focusing on the home.

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#Solstice is a time for new cycles and beginnings.

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Sun in Capricorn

Sun in #Capricorn is when we have high standards and think about long-term plans.

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Mercury in Capricorn

#MercuryInCapricorn is pragmatic and practical.

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Jupiter in Aquarius

#JupiterInAquarius is a time for independence, ideals and morals.

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Saturn in Aquarius

#SaturnInAquarius is a time for creating real and lasting change. Make a difference and leave your mark.

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Venus in Sagittarius

Love planet #Venus moves into Sagittarius. Ideals, adventure and freedom. #VenusInSagittarius

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Solar Eclipse

#SolarEclipse in Sagittarius is a time for adventure and exploration.

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Jupiter in Capricorn

#JupiterInCapricorn is a time of success earned through hard work.

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Mercury in Sagittarius

#MercuryInSagittarius is a time for new ideas and perspectives.

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