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Pisces Weekly Horoscope (Week of Aug18)

#PISCES #WeeklyHoroscope Venus shifts into your love zone this week, so it’s all kittens, rainbows, poetry and love notes. Sweet! Get in touch with your inner romantic and show your…

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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope (Week of Aug18)

#AQUARIUS #WeeklyHoroscope Venus hots up a relationship, bringing steam, passion and a definite need for privacy! If you’re single, someone you meet this week could prove to be a keeper.…

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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope (Week of Aug18)

#CAPRICORN #WeeklyHoroscope There’s a delightful link between love and travel this week – so if you’re single and looking for romance, head to unfamiliar places, the further away the better!…

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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope (Week of Aug18)

#SAGITTARIUS #WeeklyHoroscope Put your charm to good use at work. People find you fascinating and compelling, so it’s a brilliant time to work in sales, marketing or PR. The public…

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Scorpio Weekly Horoscope (Week of Aug18)

#SCORPIO #WeeklyHoroscope If you’re single, you may meet someone special via community action or charity work. You’re interested in what makes people tick and you’ll love making new friends this…

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Libra Weekly Horoscope (Week of Aug18)

#LIBRA #WeeklyHoroscope A karmic attraction draws you towards someone surprising – there’s magic in the mix here, so expect to feel intoxicated. If you’re not single, this obviously presents some…

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Virgo Weekly Horoscope (Week of Aug18)

#VIRGO #WeeklyHoroscope You’re more sociable than normal this week, as Venus arrives in your sign and smooths your social interactions. This is a good time for dating, if you’re single,…

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Leo Weekly Horoscope (Week of Aug18)

#LEO #WeeklyHoroscope You can be quite a materialistic sign and never more so than when Venus arrives in your money zone. A quest for luxury this week could prove expensive…

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Cancer Weekly Horoscope (Week of Aug18)

#CANCER #WeeklyHoroscope Loyalty is a key issue for you now and you will be keen to show someone that you have their back. Don’t be blinded, however. At some point,…

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Gemini Weekly Horoscope (Week of Aug18)

#GEMINI #WeeklyHoroscope Family stability is your key priority this week and you’ll want to do everything you can to make your home feel loving, welcoming and peaceful. It’s a good…

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