What’s Your Study Style, Pisces?

Kelli Fox

The Zodiac can reveal common learning and study traits for each sign. Do you prefer to study alone, or with others? Do you quickly absorb information? Can you retain it long-term? Use the guide below to identify and utilize your sign’s strengths, and conditions and techniques to help you improve your studies.

Your sign is the most likely to lose your textbook. You tend to daydream during class, and have difficulty focusing on your studies. You are artistic and don’t enjoy classes that are based on cold hard facts alone. You are creative and have good intuitive skills. Try to study outdoors, in nature, or by the water. You tend to be withdrawn and are often misunderstood, but you aren’t afraid to ask questions that may seem taboo to others in your class. You are able to absorb and retain details, and can benefit from a structured learning environment and independent studies.

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