What’s Your Study Style, Leo?

Kelli Fox

The Zodiac can reveal common learning and study traits for each sign. Do you prefer to study alone, or with others? Do you quickly absorb information? Can you retain it long-term? Use the guide below to identify and utilize your sign’s strengths, and conditions and techniques to help you improve your studies.

Your sign is the most likely to be in the class spotlight. Your natural leadership skills make you the perfect candidate to lead a study group, just try to refrain from being overly bossy. Leos love being the center of attention, however, you could pay more attention during lectures. You are naturally curious and enthusiastic about learning. You tend to overlook the finer details of a concept, and generally do better with broader subjects. You can benefit from moving around during, or in between, study sessions. You also benefit from supportive study partners or groups that allow you to talk things out and obtain feedback while studying.

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