What’s Your Study Style, Capricorn?

Kelli Fox

The Zodiac can reveal common learning and study traits for each sign. Do you prefer to study alone, or with others? Do you quickly absorb information? Can you retain it long-term? Use the guide below to identify and utilize your sign’s strengths, and conditions and techniques to help you improve your studies.

Your sign is highly likely to network during your classes. You love to mix business with pleasure, and studying with socializing. You prefer to study with friends, and are a natural leader. Capricorn are ambitious and have the drive to succeed. You are curious, responsible, methodical, and have good study habits. Your focused attention and ability to follow instruction makes you a good scholar. You are conventional, and prone to moodiness. You are strong-willed, bright and observant but would not do well from an all-night cram session. You benefit from paced and orderly studies since you may become confused by too much information at once.

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