What’s Your Study Style, Cancer?

Kelli Fox

The Zodiac can reveal common learning and study traits for each sign. Do you prefer to study alone, or with others? Do you quickly absorb information? Can you retain it long-term? Use the guide below to identify and utilize your sign’s strengths, and conditions and techniques to help you improve your studies.

Your sign is the most likely to be set in old study habits. You do best when you feel emotionally balanced, or else you may have difficulty focusing. If your study methods are stagnant, try incorporating your creative imagination into your study plan. You have an excellent long-term memory for details, and are able to cram for a test better than any other sign. Cancer tend to be reclusive and prefer studying at home, in your dorm room, or anywhere else that feels like home. Why not mix it up and try studying outdoors, in nature, or by the water? It will also keep any sense of loneliness at bay.

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