Are You a Spender or Saver, Virgo?

Kelli Fox

Are you a spender or saver? How does your Sun Sign influence your spending and saving habits? Find out if you are likely to jump on the financial bandwagon and invest with the masses or if you will go it alone and devise your own money-making strategies. Your sign will also reveal how you feeling about putting money away for the future or just a rainy day.

You’re fastidious with your money. You balance your checkbook carefully, you pay your bills on time — in fact you can probably account for every penny you spend. You plan your purchases and meticulously track the returns on your investments. But you’re so busy with details that you might miss the big picture altogether. Still, that’s easy enough to remedy: just channel your principled, idealistic nature into your investment strategy. Lend your financial support to environmental companies or alternative health concerns — businesses that promote your ideals. Just don’t be so timid that you end up chasing the market. You’ve done your homework, so you can be confident in your choices.

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