Are You a Spender or Saver, Pisces?

Kelli Fox

Are you a spender or saver? How does your Sun Sign influence your spending and saving habits? Find out if you are likely to jump on the financial bandwagon and invest with the masses or if you will go it alone and devise your own money-making strategies. Your sign will also reveal how you feeling about putting money away for the future or just a rainy day.

You’re a passive investor at best, you might even fantasize about money flowing your way without any real work or interaction on your part. The problem is, your wishful thinking can act as a blinder in real life, preventing you from seeing the reality of your situation. You might take investment cues from people you think you can trust instead of determining your own course.

You might also have money hidden away in some secret location that only you know about. A few words of caution are in order: be sure that your financial affairs are legal and above board. Avoid even the appearance of wrongdoing. And if you suffer from compulsive spending habits, don’t hesitate to get help.

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